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UC Davis Biomedical Engineering TEAM Lab

Translating Engineering Advances to Medicine (TEAM)

Engineering as a Service

Seeking design or fabrication support? Whether your project is simple or complex, you have arrived at the ideal destination for expert support.

We want your project to be successful and will work with you to ensure a good outcome!  3rd Party manufacturing services can often feel like a black-hole; keep your funding local with skilled engineers who are here to support you and your efforts. 

TEAM is a device development facility, open to all; UCD, Other Universities, Private companies and Individuals.  Note that we are a services-based facility (no hands-on use of our equipment).  

Our facilities are focused on development and manufacturing of mechanical or electro-mechanical devices.  We typically operate in support of research endeavors through general prototype development. We do not conduct our own research within the facility, rather we support it through fabrication and design aid.   

Hours of Operation:

Our staff work staggered hours; please make an appointment before visiting. 

Monday- Friday, 7AM to 6PM (Closed Saturday, Sunday,)

drop-ins generally discouraged - please contact the lab manager via service request or email for meeting coordination

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